Buy childrens fabrics at Kidsfabrics

Everyone wants a beautiful nursery for their baby or a beautiful bedroom for their child. But there are so many options. Which colours are you going to choose? Which furniture? Which patterns? When you recognize these questions, we have the answer for you: come buy childrens fabrics at Kidsfabrics! Then you can style the nursery or the bedroom in one beautiful whole, with the same fabrics for (for example) the curtains and the duvet cover. Or you can of course choose different fabrics and go for a mixed style. Kidsfabrics’ childrens fabrics are perfect for every kind of fabric in the nursery and children’s bedrooms! At Kidsfabrics you can be sure to buy a quality product. Our childrens fabrics are suitable for everyday use and still look as good as new even after frequent washing. That is perfect, because we all know that babies and children can sometimes be a bit messy. But it is important that your child can play where and how he or she wants and doesn’t have to worry about staining the fabrics around him or her. Just let everything happen and clean the fabrics afterwards. No problem. It is important for your baby and/or child that he or she has a calm and domestic environment to sleep and play in. When there is a balance in the room and there are reoccurring childrens fabrics, with the same colours and patterns, your baby has a nice place to get to know the world around him or her. Colours can have an effect on your baby’s feelings and wouldn’t you want to be sure your baby is happy and feels safe? But if you want to prepare him of her for the chaotic world out there and all the different colours and patterns it can encounter, you can choose for different sorts of childrens fabrics and create a creative and varied room.

What kinds of childrens fabrics are there?

So, you are interested in buying childrens fabrics at Kidsfabrics? Great, then you can choose from a lot of colours, brands, types and materials to turn the nursery or children’s bedroom into a paradise for babies and children. Are you looking for a fabric with a quiet pattern in a particular colour or a fabric with a more dynamic print with cute animal characters? Whatever you are looking for, Kidsfabrics has it. At Kidsfabrics you can be sure to buy a quality product. The childrens fabrics are available in

  • cotton
  • polyester
  • linen
  • blackout
  • something in between those above

So for every kind of fabric use (curtain, cushion, and so on) there is the perfect material. And all those fabrics can be bought in the following colours: beige, blue, brown, cream, yellow, grey, green, orange, purple, pink, red, white, black, ivory and sand. But that doesn’t mean that you have to choose just one colour. You can also go for patterns or funny characters your child loves. The brands differ from Disney to Bob the Builder to Hello Kitty to Winnie the Pooh. And of course you can choose between cars or pirates or fairy tales or just dots and stripes and a lot more. You can check all the different kinds of childrens fabrics on the site of Kidsfabrics. Everything you are looking for, you can find on there. The prices of the childrens fabrics differ from £1,00 to £22,00 per meter. So that is really affordable! It almost leaves you no other choice than to just buy those beautiful childrens fabrics at Kidsfabrics and make your child (and yourself!) happy. Just click on the fabric you would like to buy and you can pay via the internet. But read further if you want to know how to order childrens fabrics at Kidsfabrics, because it is all explained below.

How to order childrens fabrics

After you have decided that you want to buy fabrics from Kidsfabrics and you know which material, colours, brands and types you would like for the nursery or your child’s room, you have to know the measurements of the room in which the fabrics are supposed to come. When you need help calculating fabric lengths in case of a curtain, you can use the Curtain-O-Meter on the website. Just click on the fabric you would like to order and scroll down. You can fill in the width of the curtain rail and the height of the window. Then choose the direction of the fabric and the desired pleat depth and press calculate. The Curtain-O-Meter does all the work for you, quickly and easily. Everything you have to fill out is explained on the side of the screen: the width of the curtain, the height of the window, the width of the fabric, the price of the fabric, the direction of the fabric and the fold. You can also choose to order childrens fabrics that are measure-made. Just click on the fabric that you would like to buy and scroll down until you see the text “Would you like to order a made-to-measure product?”. There you can click on the kind of fabric you want (curtain, cushion, and so on) and then you just choose or fill in the right sizes. It is all very easy! So, don’t hesitate. Just go to the site (, click on your favourite fabric, fill in the measurements and order!